Giving You Unrivalled Clarity On Your Ocean Operations

We offer simple yet bespoke liner shipping software solutions to streamline your shipping business. If you want complete visibility over your container fleets or to manage operations offline, you’ve come to the right place. 1SHIP is a fast and affordable way to get custom-made shipping line software at your fingertips.

Finally, liner shipping software that works with bad internet

Specifically designed to combat the elements of nature and disasters, 1SHIP’s software saves you from costly liabilities in case of lost internet connections. Our software allows you to host on-premise so that you can have complete control over your operations without interruption. And, if you choose to host on the Cloud, you’ll get access to our 24/7 support team that will help you get up and running fast.

Pushing the boundaries of technology to make liner shipping software easy-to-use

All-In-One Software

Accounts receivable, cargo tracking, bookings, and more.

Works Offline

Helps avoid bad and unreliable internet problems.

100% Configurable

Software that works for any shipping business.

Easily Scalable

No limits on # of companies, agents, users or vessels.

Fast Turnaround

Sick of slow dev companies? We’re fast & efficient.

Flexible Payments

Pay your way, up front or as you go. We’re flexible.

Supporting all types of shipping companies, from shipping lines and liner agents to NVOCCs

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Get the tools you need to provide uncompromising efficiency

Whether you need complete sight of your commercial activities, control over your operational schedules, or 100% visibility of your financial tracking, 1SHIP is your go-to shipping line software solution.

Step 1: contact our friendly team

Click on the Get Started button to discuss your project with us and how we can help.

Step 2: we’ll scope the work

Although each project is bespoke, we have predictable outcomes and timeframes.

Step 3: configure your bespoke software

We’ll help you to customise your software and aim to make it as turnkey as possible.

Step 4: launch & improve

After we launch your software, we'll finetune and deliver continuous improvements over time.

1SHIP has been serving
the shipping industry for over 20 years

IT Manager, Award-Winning Global Multipurpose Shipping Line
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The people at 1SHIP are genuinely interested in our business challenges and actively work with us as partners.
Finance Director, Leading Regional Shipping Line
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The 1SHIP software for shipping lines has enabled us to grow our business over the years. If only we could get the same service from all our software vendors.
Trade Manager, Leading Shipping Line
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The 1SHIP Liner software is very reliable and has served us well over the years. What makes the entire solution extraordinary is the fast and knowledgeable support and rapid delivery of software enhancements when we need them.
Director, Regional Shipping Line
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When we needed a solution implemented quickly to get a new shipping service up and running, we knew we could trust the experienced team at 1SHIP to deliver. We were operational quickly thanks to the close cooperation between the teams involved.

Here are questions we get asked most

Liner shipping software helps shipping companies manage their commercial activities, operations, and accounting activities (plus a lot more).

Agents, NVOCCs and shipping lines use it because it helps streamline and get vital support for FCL, LCL, Breakbulk, and Ro-Ro operations.

The benefits of using this shipping liner software are as follows:

  • It reduces heavy paperwork and manual administrative activities.
  • It helps monitor the status of shipments at all times, so there are no delays or mistakes at any time.
  • It helps eliminate human error by tracking schedules, bookings, cargo capacity, accounting, and essential documentation.
  • It also makes it easier to track the shipments so that you know when they arrive at their destination.
  • 1SHIP shipping software is easy to use and requires minimal training.

As you know, numerous providers offer high-quality shipping software services. We’d be lying to you if we said that we’re the best shipping software provider. The same is true if we say an alternative company is the best. As each project is unique and every client’s needs are different, the “best” depends on who will cater to customising your shipping line software for your business. We pride ourselves in creating 100% bespoke software for every type of shipping company. Whether you’re an NVOCC, liner agent, or shipping line, we tailor make your software for you.

At 1SHIP, we have a pay-your-way policy where you choose the payment terms. Depending on the type of deployment, options include:

  • Purchase licenses upfront and pay a low monthly support fee
  • Pay a flat monthly fee per license
  • Pay per transaction
  • Regardless of licensing model, you can rest assured that you will receive support and software upgrades.
  • We place no limit on the number of shipping companies, agents, registered users, or vessels that you record in 1SHIP.