Quote Faster, Streamline Sales, and Oversee Operations with Cargo Booking Software

From quickly quoting competitive rates to managing your vessel operations and discount approvals, this comprehensive suite of tools will help your team stay organised while scaling your shipping business — allowing you to focus on what really matters: getting shipments delivered safely and efficiently every single time.


Real-Time Comparison

Provide Fast & Easy Quotations

Automate Data Entry

Maximise Vessel Capacity

All-In-One Robust System

Save Time On Manual Tasks

Take the hassle out of your sales and booking process

1SHIP is the all-in-one control centre that helps you manage your shipping contacts, simplify your quotation process, and handle more shipments – faster. And know precisely when vessels are ready to take on profitable cargo.


Bookings can be made with a few clicks directly in the system, reducing time spent on tedious manual processes. 

Keep tabs on where vessels are located and when they’ll be available for new bookings — a must-have feature in an ever-changing shipping marketplace.  Vessel arrival notifications, document printing and invoice processing can be automated to streamline operations.

Maintain profitability by streamlining your bill of lading (BOL) process and keep correspondence with carriers and customers in one simple place.

Supporting all types of shipping companies with an end-to-end shipping platform

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Spot unusual or hazardous cargo to avoid penalties

Safety compliance is key when shipping dangerous cargo across borders; luckily, 1SHIP has all of the necessary tools built into its platform so that managers have complete visibility.

See 1SHIP's cargo booking software in action

Monitor discounts and track the profitability of shipments

Stay on top of discount approvals and easily track unprofitable bookings so that there’s no discrepancy between what was approved and what was applied in the end. This keeps everyone accountable for accurate pricing information.


Clients that trust in 1SHIP for smooth sailing

IT Manager, Award-Winning Global Multipurpose Shipping Line
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The people at 1SHIP are genuinely interested in our business challenges and actively work with us as partners.
Finance Director, Leading Regional Shipping Line
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The 1SHIP software for shipping lines has enabled us to grow our business over the years. If only we could get the same service from all our software vendors.
Trade Manager, Leading Shipping Line
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The 1SHIP Liner software is very reliable and has served us well over the years. What makes the entire solution extraordinary is the fast and knowledgeable support and rapid delivery of software enhancements when we need them.
Director, Regional Shipping Line
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When we needed a solution implemented quickly to get a new shipping service up and running, we knew we could trust the experienced team at 1SHIP to deliver. We were operational quickly thanks to the close cooperation between the teams involved.

Here are questions we get asked most

Cargo Booking Software from 1SHIP makes it easier for shipping liners, agents, and NVOCCs to manage their bookings. Whether you’re booking a BreakBulk shipment, FCL containers, or RORO freight, our comprehensive software brings it all together into one easy-to-use platform.

What makes this software special is its ability to automate many of the mundane tasks associated with booking cargo, helping to reduce a massive amount of time and staffing costs.

For instance, our software can automatically calculate rates and charges and auto-populate data for each booking. This eliminates the need to manually input shipping information, such as port locations and estimated dates of arrival or departure. It also helps you determine the exact cost for each shipment.

Yes, 1SHIP Cargo Booking Software automatically generates BOLs (Bills of Lading). It dynamically builds BOLs based on your shipment information, containing everything a carrier needs to get your shipment moving.

With it, you can also share your shipment with whomever you like and they can view and print the BOL as well. This helps simplify the booking process for NVOCCs (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers) while improving accuracy and proficiency in tracking shipments.

In support of the DCSA commitment of 100% eBLs by 2030, 1SHIP is committed to supporting electronic bills of lading soon.

With 1SHIP’s powerful container management software, you’ll be able to improve the efficiency of your operations and provide better customer service. Allocating containers quickly, having full control over inventory levels, and staying up-to-date on shipments will give your team a huge advantage in the competitive shipping industry.

The container management module makes it easy for you to manage your cargo and equipment, so you can rest assured that all your shipments are accounted for. With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with vessel scheduling, you’ll be able to ensure that the right cargo is booked and loaded on the right vessel at the right time.

For shipping companies that operate depots or yards, 1SHIP’s GateKeeper optimises gate operations for FCL, LCL and BreakBulk cargo and dynamically updates operational and commercial transactions.