Get 360° Visibility of Your Cargo with Our Container Tracking Software

Do you know where your freight is at all times? With 1SHIP’s container tracking software, now you can. With up-to-the-minute updates on your container location and status, you can keep track of where your cargo is located and when it’s expected to arrive. This helps you stay up-to-date on delivery dates and optimize carrier performance.


Near-Real-Time Tracking

All-In-One Robust System

Simple Notifications

Fast & Reliable Support

Configured To Your Business

Keeps Data in One Easy Place

Eliminate wasted time and manual processes

Why do you need a container tracking system? In a nutshell, it simplifies the tracking process of your containers. With an all-in-one container management system, you can dramatically save time by quickly accessing information like a container’s status without having to hop between carrier and terminal websites.


With a Container Tracking System, you won’t have to spend hours manually entering container data into an Excel spreadsheet.

Getting lost searching through multiple carrier and terminal websites is a thing of the past. Easily track your containers using a bill of lading, container or SKU.

No more spending hours on responding to customer emails asking for tracking and tracing updates. Streamline your support responses.

Supporting all types of shipping companies

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Avoid delays and detention & demurrage charges

Once your containers reach their next milestone, you’ll be notified so you can avoid paying expensive detention and demurrage charges. With a reliable tracking system in place, you’ll also have more insight into what’s happening with your cargo, so you can quickly resolve any issues that may arise.

Streamline your shipping business with ease

Track data that you can count on... online and offline

Always know exactly where your containers are, no matter if you’re connected or not. Not only will you be able to monitor the progress of each shipment, but you will also receive alerts when there are any potential delays. With our near-real-time container data, you can ensure that your shipments are running smoothly and arrive on time.


Convenient and reliable container tracking software

IT Manager, Award-Winning Global Multipurpose Shipping Line
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The people at 1SHIP are genuinely interested in our business challenges and actively work with us as partners.
Finance Director, Leading Regional Shipping Line
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The 1SHIP software for shipping lines has enabled us to grow our business over the years. If only we could get the same service from all our software vendors.
Trade Manager, Leading Shipping Line
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The 1SHIP Liner software is very reliable and has served us well over the years. What makes the entire solution extraordinary is the fast and knowledgeable support and rapid delivery of software enhancements when we need them.
Director, Regional Shipping Line
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When we needed a solution implemented quickly to get a new shipping service up and running, we knew we could trust the experienced team at 1SHIP to deliver. We were operational quickly thanks to the close cooperation between the teams involved.

Here are questions we get asked most

Container management software provides you with near-real-time data and updates about your cargo and vessel movements. It allows you to easily monitor the progress of your shipments so that you can reduce unexpected delays and costs associated with manual container tracking processes.

With this technology, you can keep track of all the containers coming and going from your port. It not only helps stay organized but also cuts costs associated with transporting goods on the ocean. 

Using the software helps you know just when to place new orders or reroute existing cargo. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to catch discrepancies before it’s too late, saving time and detention/demurrage charges in the process.

Best of all, it reduces paperwork and manual processes in your shipping operation as everything is available electronically for easy access.

To get precise data on where your containers are located and what is happening to them all throughout the shipping process, speak to our friendly team to see how we can mold this software around your business.